Business development for specialized investment managers and fintech.

The largest asset managers employ hundreds (or thousands) of people within their sales and marketing departments, often with numerous specialized teams to cover “all things to all people.” Specialty firms do not require that headcount, as their offerings and target markets are naturally more focused. 

Slingshot Financial brings the same business development strategies and methods used by the big firms and applies them in a customized Partner Plan suited for smaller companies and their objectives. No need to call in the cavalry if you can effectively hit your marks with a Slingshot!


Product ResearchIdentify your competitive advantages and ideal markets
Product Marketing & Sales StrategyAlign your business goals with your strengths and best opportunities in the marketplace
Product Story and ContentCraft product messaging and focused content based on your ideal client profiles


Sales PlanPosition yourself to achieve your goals: detailed analysis of asset flows, client and prospect segmentations, identify new prospects, define your sales cycles, and draft a detailed communications schedule for direct outreach
Channel Sales Efficiently execute your detailed sales plan with well-defined campaigns by market segment to keep your pipeline full and flowing
Gatekeeper Relations Make strong impressions with home office analysts through institutional communications and RFP writing.