Hello World! Slingshot Financial Revealed

Hello and Happy New Year!

Over the years I have engaged in long and sometimes lively discussions with colleagues about the changing dynamics within our industry, while also journaling and quietly business planning where I saw growing opportunity.  In 2020 the stars aligned to make the leap of which I have been dreaming, when I was presented with the opportunity to work on a project with the CEO of a fantastic Asset Management firm. With that fateful nudge, I formed Slingshot Financial.

Through nearly 20 years of dedication to the asset management industry, I have worked in sales and marketing roles for a few terrific firms, both large and small.  During this time, I have developed practical knowledge of a wide variety of investment products and asset classes, from the esoteric to mainstream, and had the pleasure of working with RIAs, Independent Financial Advisors, and Money Management firms across the country. The independence and entrepreneurial spirit of these markets have always felt comfortable to me and remains a professional community I am happy to call home. 

In the past decade I have personally experienced tremendous change within the industry.  As society rides the waves of generational demographic shifts, technological proliferation, and a continued move from defined benefit to defined contribution systems, financial services will no doubt continue to evolve.  I have also noticed a philosophical evolution among advisors, now serving clients from a more holistic perspective and integrating a complete set of services meant to achieve specific life goals.  This is altering the traditional supply chain of Investment Management Services and presents tremendous positive opportunities!

Practical experience supported by my research has shown me a few key specialties which I believe can add a tremendous amount of value for wealth advisors and their clients and may be better provided by a small company.

Slingshot Financial seeks to partner with the hidden gems of money managers focused on Quantitative Strategies, Alternatives, Strategic Income and innovative Fintech. Specific specialties might include commodities and precious metals, tactical long/short, interesting income strategies, innovative custom indexing.  Additionally, fintech firms with software applications for integrating these programs, allowing customization and enabling other wealth management functionalities such as tax management, cash flow sequencing, and account aggregation.

Our mission is to drive profitable growth for our partners while helping financial professionals achieve next-level results for their clients. We offer business development services to help smaller firms share their story with modern wealth advisors in the most impactful way. Slingshot Financial offers specialty managers and fintech companies strategic guidance on wholesale product development and marketing, as well as tactical execution through our Turnkey Wholesaler program to run consistent, targeted sales campaigns and communications.  By thoughtfully curating a group of partners with complementary specialties, we can leverage efficiencies in distribution to effectively compete in a crowded market.

Slingshot Financial was intentionally built to look like the advisors we serve, therefore we are independent and fee-based so all partner investment programs must be distributed through advisory platforms in managed account, SMA, model share, ETF/Fund Strategist, UMA formats.  Whether the firm is expanding into a new business line or is a mature niche player planning to accelerate profit growth, we tailor a service plan to our partners’ goals and objectives.

Slingshot Financial is actively searching for Money Managers and Strategists who are planning to accelerate their third party/wholesale distribution in 2021!  We have a keen interest in finding those hidden gems who, like us, are committed to adding exceptional value, innovation, and a strong compliance and service culture.

I would like to give a special thanks to the few friends with whom I have already shared this news, as your genuine excitement and offers to help (which I will take you up on) have been tremendously encouraging.  I would also like to thank others in advance for your help, support, and partnerships.  Looking forward to some heavy lifting and celebrating milestones with you! 

Wishing you Health, Wealth, and Happiness in 2021!

Garrett Brookes, CFA

Founder of Slingshot Financial